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  • Coaching Jump Start: Are you new to Coaching? Start with this course.

    Jump Start Success: The Simple, Lean Marketing Plan for Coaches

  • Marketing Jump Start: Just the Essentials for Coaches

  • Coaching Field Guide & Notebook: Learn how to keep things simple and help your clients stay focused on their goal using our easy approach to structured coaching sessions.

  • Facilitating with Confidence: Build deeper engagement, see greater implementation of learning, generate more leads, gather feedback and more when you learn how to confidently and effectively facilitate the goal achievement of those you lead.

  • Creating Your Signature Coaching System: Stand out from the hundreds of other coaches in your niche by creating a unique branded system that only you can offer

  • PLUS essential courses like PERSONAL BRANDING, RAPID REFERRAL BUILDING and more.

There are OTHER Benefits of joining the Professional Coach Association

You are eligible to apply for our Fast-Track Professional Coach Certification or Business Coach Certification from the Professional Coach Association *

You will be building your business while you build your skills! Private, one-on-one coaching-consulting is available from time to time.*

You can take advantage of this opportunity to jump start your coaching career and enjoy your new connections with like-minded colleagues as you continue to  build your business or side-hustle skills.

*There is a modest charge for Certification and private coaching.


Are you looking to build a lucrative full-time career or a professional side-hustle?

Why Should You Test-drive the Professional Coach Association?

We’ll give you three reasons. 



  1. Simplicity – We’ve made it super easy to get started, whether you’re still trying to figure out your goals, or ready to try a lucrative side-hustle or if you’re ready to dive in and go all the way. Our courses are specifically designed for you to be able to easily understand  the content and follow it step-by-step.

    All conveniently at your location at a pace and schedule determined by you.

  2. Pricing – Believe it or not, the subscriber membership is FREE! We know not everyone has tons of extra income lying around to spend. But we do know that when you invest in yourself, you certainly get back more than you put in!  For example, we’ve provided one-on-one consulting pricing to make it incredibly easy on your pocket


  3. Full-time Career or Side-hustle?
    Step-by-Step Blueprints
    – We give you action steps to follow so you can put what you learn into practice right away. Plan a full time business or side-hustle adjunct to your current career. We give you more than big picture ideas for you to figure out how to implement on your own. We’ll tell you what you can be doing right now to move one more step closer to your goal.

Instant Results

When you follow our steps outlined in the course modules, your business goals will take shape and come alive. Before you know it, your new career (or side-hustle) can be thriving as it continues to grow from the effort you’ve invested.

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If you want to really dig into coaching, this is your program. Easy to use, great information and amazing value. I walked away with a greater sense of myself and the confidence to pursue my dream.

Tal M.

Cleveland, Ohio

Reach the Clients Who Need You Most

You’ve got passion. You’ve got skills. But do you have clients? Our courses will help you hone your marketing skills to narrow down your target market so you can find the people who need your help. Use the Coaching Jump Start to sharpen your marketing skills to connect with clients.

Once you find clients, or they find you, you’ve got to know what to do with them! That’s where our Coaching Field Guide comes in. We give you the tools you need to deal with the nuts and bolts of the practicalities of you coaching business.

Grow Your Coaching Practice by Standing Out from the Herd

When you become a member of the Professional Coach Association, you get access to substantial, quality content that will help you effectively grow your practice. You’ll learn how to discover what makes you unique, that which makes you stand out from the competition, and how to market your uniqueness for clients that will be the best fit for you.

You’ll learn about branding, referrals, unique value propositions, and more. 

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them to succeed.”

– Timothy Gallwey, Coaching Pioneer

Here’s What We’re Spotlighting now from Our Growing Library of Coaching Training and Practice Marketing Courses in our “Coffee Break University” 

Our collection of coach training and practice marketing primers focus on what you need to know most and action steps that actually matter. 

Our simple step-by-step course is designed to get you jump started on creating the marketing plan your practice needs.

Total Competitive Advantage: Set Yourself Apart from the Competition





This course offers the tools and resources you need to create a brand that represents the unique value your practice offers.

Referral System Tuneup: How to Assure Your Continous Flow of New Clients Starting This Month





Explore just how easy it is to get your head around the basics and start putting your referral marketing system to work.

Power Branding Jump Start: How to Craft Your Identity, Reputation, and Strategic Differentiation to Attract Loyal Clients





This course offers the tools and resources you need to create a brand that represents the unique value your practice offers.

Courses featured above are just
examples of courses offered to our Members.