Coaching Jump Start

Our signature Coaching Jump Start program starts with the basics of coaching your clients effectively and guides you through the different aspects of profession life and business coaching.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s covered and what’s in the course.

We’re going to cover a lot of ground in this course to help you get your coaching practice up and running. You’ll learn very practical steps you can take to get the word out, but also necessary considerations as you actually begin to coach clients. Each module includes several “Chapters” that dive deep into each topic.


Coaching Jump Start

Solid Coaching Foundation

Since the first modern coaching models were  developed during the latter half of the 20th century, coaching has rapidly spread across the world as both a profession and a communication technique that has been applied to everything from corporate management to personal growth. This module includes 8 Chapters on beginning a coaching career.

Listening Skills Tuneup

The most insightful and probing questions in the world won’t do you much good if don’t know how to hear the answers. This module includes 6 Chapters on skills in active listening, exploring curiosity, intuition, and common coaching mistakes.

Coaching Models and Instruments

Effective coaching models and instruments that lead to success. This module includes 5 Chapters on SMART coaching tools, theories, techniques, ethics and client  privacy.

Coaching Questions Supercharged

Knowing how and when to ask the right types of probing questions is at the heart of all of the major approaches to professional coaching. Asking interesting, challenging and inspiring questions brings out the best in everyone, including coaches and clients. This module includes 4 Chapters on the right kind of question-asking for yourself and your clients.

Understanding Personality Types and Theories

Personality assessments have been proven to be an extremely effective tool in the coaching setting when it comes to discovering your style as a professional coach and the best way to approach different types of clients. This module includes 7 Chapters on assessing personalities, temperaments, and best communication practices with various personalities.

Coaching Marketing

A super practicaly, comprehensive guide for marketing yourself as a coach. This module includes 5 Chapters on coach marketing, creating partnerships, branding, and social media tips to get the most out of your marketing efforts.