Coaching Field Guide

Helping people along a path to success isn’t easy. Each person has their own individual challenges and opportunities and, as their coach, you need to help them identify them, work through them, and stay motivated.

At the same time, you need to gain a clear understanding of each client’s situation and track progress during their journey.

This guide will help you understand how to use all the different tools to help your clients along that path to success. You’ll be able to improve your own effectiveness and efficiency while increasing your clients’ achievement of their goals.

Coaching Field Notebook

Use this supplemental notebook to stay focused on what matters most for both your coaching sessions and your practice itself.

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Module 1: Intaking Your Coaching Clients

Before you you start coaching your clients, you need to have clients. On boarding is part of the process..


Module 2: Creating an Individualized Coaching Plan

The main goal of your first coaching session with a client is to create a plan for all of the sessions that will follow. Every client is different, and every client will have different needs..

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Module 3: Preparing for a Coaching Session

You want to give your client the best coaching possible. To do that, you have to be prepared. Here’s how you can prepare for that..

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Module 4: Anatomy of a Coaching Session

What exactly should a coaching session look like? Let’s dive into the anatomy..

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Module 5: Asking the Right Questions

A lot of coaching depends on the right questions being asked. But what are the right ones?

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Module 6: Root Cause Analysis - Ask Why?

Root Cause Analysis is a method used to figure out the underlying reasons for a problem. Here’s how to get there..

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Module 7: How to Do a SWOT Analysis

Find out how a SWOT analysis is used by both corporations and individuals to form the big picture of a situation and assess which direction to take in solving problems or reaching a goal.

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Module 8: Helping Clients Set Priorities

Your most important job as a coach is to help clients prioritize and start taking action on the things they need to do to improve their lives and their business.

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Module 9: Tips for Taking Action

In the course of your coaching sessions, both you and your client have actions steps to take. Here are some tips in taking them..

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Module 10: Follow Up on a Coaching Session

Coaching isn’t a one and done thing. It’s a process, and following up is key..

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