Create Your Signature Coaching System

Package Up Your Expertise in a Branded Process That Grows Your Income and Helps More People

Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s covered and what’s in the course.

In this course, you will follow a step-by-step process to design this unique, proven process and turn it into a signature program which will teach people how to implement your system and achieve the same results as you.


Create Your Coaching Signature System


Signature systems are attractive to customers because they provide ready-made, easy-to-follow solutions to their problems. But don’t worry about having to find or invent one to use. You base your system on your own experiences and success in a specific area. You already know the process inside and out, so now you can explain it clearly to someone else who wants to get the same results.

Identify Your Signature Expertise

We mentioned earlier that multimillionaire entrepreneurs use signature systems in their business. Your signature system will be based on your own expertise and the solution you devised for a challenge you faced.

In this module you’ll take your expertise and map out the system you’ve been following for success, even if you haven’t been too conscious of it, so you can teach it to others.

Identify Your Target Market

You have probably identified your target market in the past. But when it comes to offering a signature system, you can’t assume that your target market will be the same one you’re used to.

In this module, you’ll revisit your existing target market to assess its suitability and explore additional markets for your new signature system.

Craft an Enticing Title

Having a great system is one thing, but it needs to be marketed in a way that attracts people. The name of your program will be what people see first before they read any of the details.

In this module you’ll look at the branding aspect of your signature system and how to come up with an enticing title.

Help Your Customers Implement Your System

People love signature systems because they are led by the hand through a proven process that’s easy to follow and remember. They know you had success with it and therefore so will they. They feel confident that they will get the solution to their problems but need a bit more help to get there.

In this module you’ll choose and design the support materials that back up your system and provide guidance and assistance to your customers.

Expand for Multiple Income Streams

One of the great things about signature systems is that you can start with an initial version and then build your business out from there. Possibilities are endless and each one will bring an opportunity to increase your income and enhance your reputation.

In this module, you’ll find ways to bring in more revenue and grow your business by expanding on your signature system.

How Signature Systems Fuel Your Business

In this course you’re going to be designing and refining your signature system and turning it into a valuable program. But before you do that, let’s start by getting clear on what a signature system is and how having one will bring major benefits to your business.

Design Your Signature System

You’ve identified the area of expertise you want to share and mapped out your proven process. But there are a few more steps you need to take before packaging it into a program that can guarantee success for others.

In this module you’ll dig deeper and refine your process into an easy to follow, step-by-step system that you can clearly explain to others.

Define Your System’s Unique Value Proposition

Mapping out your system in a clear and structured way is a huge step forward. Now, you need to start thinking about how you’ll show potential customers that this is the system they need.

The first step is to identify the benefits of each step in your system to your target market. This is what you’ll be doing in this module, as well as looking at what competition exists for your system.

Package Up Your Signature System to Sell

Now that you have your signature system mapped out and named, you need to package it into a fully-fledged program to help your clients and customers implement it.  

In this module you’ll explore the different possibilities and make a decision on the best way to deliver your signature system to your customers.

Determine Your Pricing Strategy

Before you dig deeper into marketing your signature program, you need to decide on a price which will enable you to reach your financial goals.

In this module you’ll be reviewing your revenue targets and choosing the price of this initial program.

Plan Your Sales & Marketing Strategy

You have all the elements in place and you’re ready to share your signature system with all those who need it. Now you need to market it!

In this module you’ll plan your marketing and choose the most suitable tactics to use.

Review and Refine

In this final module, you’ll look at what else you can do to make your signature system and program more effective.  You’ll also have the opportunity to review the course and decide on your next steps.