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Our Professional Coach Associations (incorporating the Life Coaching Association) are dedicated specifically to helping coaches, soon-to-be coaches and consultants sharpen their fundamental coaching skills and expand their reach to the clients who need them the most.

Find the Coaching Clients Who Need You the Most

Coaching isn’t rocket science. But growing a successful coaching business can be tough.

You know that you have the life experience and communication skills to help your clients reach their full potential. The secret to taking your coaching business to the next level is knowing how to get your practice in front of the right people when they need you the most. 

Zero in on the coaching niche that honors your skills and personal interests

Demonstrate how successful your coaching results really are

Nurture a personal brand that resonates with the right audience

Build an online presence that develops real relationships & lands clients

Expand your reach through sustainable networking to generate clients and referrals

Learn how to jump start your coaching practice and get more clients.

The Professional Coach Association offers laser-focused coach training to change lives while you accelerate your career.

 Our optional fast-track Coach Certification Program provides power practice marketing tools and more.

Fast & Easy Training

for Busy Coaches

Our program is organized into bite-sized modules that can be covered over a coffee break.

Intuitive & Self Paced

Learning System

Learn the fundamentals of coaching on any of your devices using our easy to use learning management system.

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Think on your feet and be ready for your clients with our Coaching Field Guide & Notebook

Avoid getting lost in the weeds when you are working with your clients by keeping it simple with our Coaching Field Guide.

We’ll help you create an effective container for your coach sessions with a structure that focuses on where your clients want to go and how to get there.

Field notebook

Stay on track and follow up effectively with the easy-to-use forms in our companion notebook.

Keep it simple

Keep yourself and your client grounded when things get challenging with our simple coaching session structure. 

How We Can Help

These Professional Coach Association courses and programs are dedicated specifically to helping coaches and consultants enrich their skills and expand their reach to the clients that need them the most.

Coaching Jump Start Training Program

New to Coaching? Start here! Our Coaching Jump Start program starts with the basics of coaching your clients effectively and guides you through to all of the different aspects of profession life and business coaching.

Certification from the Professional Coach Association

Our certifications are based on life experiences and related knowledge. Requirements include knowledge of fundamentals of coaching skills, and ethical aspects of professional coaching.
*Offered periodically throughout year

Coaching Field Guide & Notebook

Learn how to keep things simple and help your clients stay focused on their goal using our easy approach to structured coaching sessions.

Facilitating with Confidence

Build deeper engagement, see greater implementation of learning, generate more leads, gather feedback and more when you learn how to confidently and effectively facilitate and achieve the goals of those you lead.

Creating Your Signature Coaching System: Stand out by honoring your life experience

Stand out from the hundreds of other coaches in your niche by creating a unique branded system that only you can offer.

Coach Marketing Jump Start

Expand your reach and get more clients by using our custom Coffee Break Marketing toolbox. We’ll help you conquer your branding, marketing plan, referral system, and more.


We’re honored by the feedback that we’ve gotten from new and experienced coaches alike who have benefited from our programs. Here are three we received recently. Listen to Sarah, Tal and Gina.

“If you want to really dig into coaching, this is your program. Easy to use, great information and amazing value. I walked away with a greater sense of myself and the confidence to pursue my dream.”


Cleveland, Ohio

“I have learned so much through these coaching courses! I wear many hats, and the wealth of information in these courses has enabled me to sharpen my focus, communicate more clearly with my clients, and, thanks to the concepts I’ve learned, I’ve been able to apply these concepts across many aspects of life.”


Lexington, Kentucky

Why Coaching Works:

From reaching professional goals to discovering a more balanced life, certified business and life coaches have helped countless clients get their priorities in order and make their aspirations a reality.

Coaching Clarifies What’s Readily Achievable

Coaching Simplifies Difficult or Complex Situations

Coaching Increases Performance and Productivity

Coaching Leverages Inherent Strengths

Coaching Conversations Leverage Leadership