Facilitating with Confidence: How to Run Dynamic and Productive Workshops, Webinars, and Meetings

Most group sessions, whether a workshop or a team meeting, are flat-out boring. The group leader tends to do most of the talking or ‘presenting’, while the participants try to stay awake or end up staring into space or multi-tasking on their phones.

And those participants are lucky to walk away with any kind of result. They might even forget what the session was about before they get back to their office!

But that all changes with a good facilitator.

When the session leader uses expert facilitation skills to generate discussion and participation, the whole atmosphere changes.

People become engaged with the content, share ideas, discuss insights,

…and get the results they need.

So why isn’t everyone using facilitation skills?

Because it doesn’t come naturally to most people. When you’re the expert, your first instinct is to explain everything.

But people learn best and retain that information when they discuss ideas, ask questions, and explore the relevance to their own situations.

Then they walk away not only having internalized what they learned, but ready to implement it right away.

Luckily, anyone can learn the facilitation skills needed to run their group sessions more effectively.

And so can you with our course – Facilitating with Confidence.

Module 1 : Introduction

Facilitation skills can help you make training sessions, webinars, audio or conference calls, and meetings much more effective and fruitful..


Module 2 : Facilitating vs. Presenting

People may erroneously think that facilitating and presenting are the same thing, but the two are markedly different..

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Module 3: Facilitation Skills for In-Person Workshops

If you are a trainer or a coach, it is probably quite clear to you how important facilitation skills are for workshops. On the other hand, if you’re a small business owner, you might be wondering why you would want to do workshops at all..

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Module 4: Engagement Tips before the Workshop Starts

There are a few things you can do to engage your participants before the workshop even starts, to set the tone and increase involvement as early as possible..

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Module 5: Content For Your Session

For the content of your session, you need to have some materials ready..

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Module 6: Creating Engaging Webinars

Webinars are an extremely popular way to engage with prospects and customers..

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Module 7: Planning Your Webinar

There’s a lot that goes into planning an engaging webinar. Let’s dive in..

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Module 8: Technical Help on Webinars

If possible, partner with someone to help you administer your webinar..

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Module 9: Facilitate Your Conference Calls and Meetings for Better Engagement

Conference calls and meetings can serve a number of important business purposes. They can be used to resolve problems, manage projects, brainstorm, or collaborate with colleagues and clients.

However, if not run properly, conference calls and meetings can just be time wasters.

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Module 10: Strategies for Making Your In-Person and Virtual Meetings More Engaging

Once you have your audience in the meeting, it can be hard to keep them engaged. Here are some great strategies to help..

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Module 11: Conclusion and Next Steps

With this plan, you’re now ready to start using the strategies you’ve learned in this course..

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