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Coaching Jump Start System

Welcome to Professional Coach Association’s Bare Bones Introduction: A Primer on Professional Coaching.

Module 1 - Solid Coaching Foundation

Professional life and business coaches have helped countless clients realize that they themselves hold the keys to success in both their professional and personal lives.

Module 2 - Coaching Questions SUPERCHARGED

As a coach, thinking about what types of questions to ask next provides a natural guide to the coaching process while keeping your clients in the driving seat of their own professional and personal lives.

Module 3 - Listening Techniques Tune-Up

While most training programs for coaches place a lot of emphasis on knowing how and when to ask the right probing questions, a solid set of listening skills is an equally important element of coaching

Module 4 - Understanding Personality Styles and Theories

Personality assessments have been proven to be an extremely effective tool in the coaching setting when it comes to discovering your style as a professional coach and the best way to approach different types of clients.

Module 5 - Goals, Coaching Models and Instruments

By ensuring that both you and your clients have a crystal clear picture of their objectives in the following five areas, you can clear up muddled thinking at every stage of the coaching process.

Module 6 - Solid Coaching Marketing Foundation

If you are new life or business coach who is struggling to learn how to get coaching clients, you can take comfort in the fact that virtually every successful coach started off where you are standing today.

Module 7 - Specialties and Niches

Having both a specialty and a niche allows you to go deeper for your clients. This is about making you stand out with what you do so the people who need to work with you can find you and you can help them on a deeper level. 

Module 8 - Ethics

There was once a time when business leaders could just tell the public “trust me to do the right thing” and they would. Then, with increased regulation and pressures, businesses were asked to show they were working to ethical standards through their own reporting