As you progress in your development as a life or business coach, you might find that your personal or professional background lends itself particularly well to one of the many coaching specialities. Let’s take a look at the top seven forms of specialty coaching.

Management Coaching

While all business coaches are well versed in the basics of managing others in a professional environment, management coaches are devoted entirely to helping clients overcome the various obstacles and challenges that can stand in the way of reaching professional goals.

Communication Coaching

People who face challenges with communicating effectively with colleagues, clients and others may benefit from working one-on-one with a communication coach. Communication coaches use various techniques and probing questions to help clients recognize the biases, assumptions and loaded language that stand in the way of communicating with their personal and professional associates.

Relationship Coaching

Whether a client is searching for a life partner or wants to improve a current romantic relationship, relationship coaches use their understanding of core coaching fundamentals to help uncover problems and solutions that can lead to romantic bliss.

Life Balance Coaching

Everyone knows how easy it is to lose sight of what really matters in our fast paced and demanding modern world. Some life coaches forgo coaching clients to examine every inner aspiration or obstacle that they may be dealing with in favor of focusing on how an individual can make the changes necessary to lead more balanced personal and professional lives.

Career Coaching

Setting clear and attainable goals is essential to a successful career, and it one of the key elements to effective coaching. Career coaches use a combination of probing questions, proven listening techniques and their own professional experience to help clients discover both their professional aspirations and the best strategy to move forward with confidence.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaches provide assistance to the upper management of large to medium sized corporations in order to help improve workforce performance and day-to-day corporate operations. Executive coaches focus their practice on catering their coaching services to the unique environment of an organizations top management, and effective executive coaches are currently in very high demand.

Spiritual Coaching

Many clients make the decision to work with a life coach out of a sense that there is something essential that is missing from their lives. Spiritual coaches help clients reorient themselves along their personal spiritual path across a wide range of modern and traditional spiritual disciplines.