How to Perfectly Position Your New Coaching Package Brand And Your Ideal Pricing Program to Attract Loyal Target Market Clients

One of the key factors in succeeding in business, regardless of vertical is that of pricing. Undercutting your competitors can result in you going out of business, and overpricing can lead to the very same fate in not being able to secure clients on a sustainable basis.

Our course on Pricing Your Services helps you craft your pricing structure according to what people will be happy to pay you for obtaining the results they are after!

Course Overview

Module 1: How to Position Your Own Unique Style of Coaching as the Hottest Flavor of the Century

We’re going to start off strong, by declaring right up front what your unique strengths are, and who they best suit when it comes to clients. You’ll discover…

  • 7 factors that make up your ideal client—miss any of these, and you’ll be left with a customer base that, well, you don’t love working with.
  • Why asking how much you want to earn is more complex than it seems—and how to calculate a real number.
  • How to pick out your true differentiating factors—if you can’t do this, your clients won’t be able to tell you from every other coach on the Internet.
  • The one question you must answer about yourself and your coaching—everything else you do hinges on this, so don’t gloss over it!
  • How to use words to position yourself right where you want to be—you’ll never look at a sales page the same way again!
  • How high-end coaches make a big splash—this one tip can turn the tides in your favor.
  • 6 proven ways to analyze yourself and your business more carefully—do this, and your unique strengths will become crystal clear.
  • How to turn your thinking around to find out what really matters to you.
  • Why all this self-discovery is critical to your new, higher standards—the answer might surprise you.

Module 2: How to Raise Your Rates, Out-Price Problem Clients and Attract Oodles of Fun, High Paying Clients

Now that you’ve determined what makes you truly unique (and a perfect fit for your ideal client) it’s time to figure out your “sweet spot” for pricing. This is where your dream client won’t bat and eye, and those less-than-stellar folks will quietly walk away.

It’s a great place to be, and you’ll easily find it with these tools:

  • 5 hard-hitting questions you must answer about your true visibility—because if no one knows your name, you might have a bit of work to do.
  • A realistic roadmap to finding your perceived value—this is how your potential clients really see you, so don’t skip this step!
  • The most important thing you can do if your “value” isn’t what you’d like it to be—don’t worry, this one is easy!
  • 4 ways to raise your rates—and have your clients thanking you for it.
  • The number one reason price increases fail—and how to avoid it.
  • The secret tactic top coaches use to turn bad clients away at the door—without ever even meeting them!
  • An easy trick you can use to ensure your potential clients can afford your new rates—no more freebie seekers!

Non-optimal clients aren’t just a drain on your energy. They’re potential business killers (I go into why in more depth in Module 2), and you cannot afford to have them in your business. Follow the steps outline here, and you’ll never have to worry about less-than-ideal clients again.

Module 3: Phase Out By-the-Hour Pricing and Introduce High-End, High-Value Packages that Wow Clients

Here’s where truly successful coaches differ from those who do just “ok.” Top earners long ago gave up trading dollars for hours, even if they are still setting appointments and getting on the phone with clients.

Module 3 will show you how you can get out of that trap, too.

  • How to position those one-on-one sessions as a “reward”—without losing income in the deal.
  • 4 ways to leverage your time better—do just one of these and your income will grow, even as you work fewer hours.
  • 2 fantastic income-boosting opportunities top coaches use—and you can, too!
  • How to be accessible without working yourself into the ground.
  • The art of bundling—and how to give the illusion of huge value without sacrificing more of your time.
  • 3 value-boosting programs your clients will love—and that they’ll happily pay a premium for.
  • The number one way to create value without attaching a time value to it—get this one step right, and you can name your own price every time.
  • 5 powerful ways to create social proof from past clients—and no, there’s not a single testimonial needed.

Module 4: How to Gracefully Transition Current Clients from Your Outdated Rates to Your New and Improved Pricing Structure

Now that you’ve found your unique value, eliminated clients who aren’t a perfect fit, and upleveled your offers so you can stop trading dollars for hours, it’s time to take the last step—increasing current clients’ rates.

It’s scary, yes, but not impossible. Module 4 walks you through it, including…

  • Why and how to strategically offer a “grandfather” clause—this can actually increase your income!
  • 5 things you must consider before offering a special deal—miss this, and you’ll wind up feeling resentful and overworked (again!)
  • How a payment plan can help land a dream client—and how not to get stuck with a non-paying client.
  • How to turn your thinking around when it comes to pricing—get this right and you’ll never choke on your new higher pricing again.
  • When to cut your losses—sometimes you just have to walk away, and knowing when will save you a lot of stress.
  • Why it never pays to be overly pushy—and what to do instead.
  • The 5 warning signs of problem clients—spot them early and save yourself a lot of trouble later!
  • How to find out exactly what your clients are begging for—so you can charge a premium for providing it!


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