Module 6: Coaching Marketing

A comprehensive guide for marketing yourself as a coach.

Getting Started: Action Steps for Coaching Marketing

    1. Check out our Signature System, Facilitate a Group, and Coaching Jump Start programs.

Chapter 1 : Creating a Solid Coaching Marketing Foundation

Welcome to coaching marketing, folks. All of coaching skills and passion in the world won’t add up to squat if no one know you exist. This is where the rubber meets the road.


Chapter 2 : Creating Strategic Partnerships to Get More Coaching Clients and Referrals

In order to expand your coaching practice and get more coaching clients, you need to create the right strategic partnerships in your professional network. Here’s how..

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Chapter 3: Creating a Brand Identity for Your Coaching Practice

One of the first steps of a successful coaching marketing campaign is discovering your practice’s brand identity, and this can take a little soul searching.

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Chapter 4: How to Get More Coaching Clients by Marketing Your Practice on Twitter

Twitter is one of the easiest and most effective social media platforms when it comes to coaching marketing and getting more coaching clients. Here are a few practice marketing tips to get you off to a good start.

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Chapter 5: LinkedIn Tips for Coaching Marketing

LinkedIn can be a great mining ground for finding more coaching clients, especially with business coaching niches. Here are some LinkedIn coaching marketing ideas to get you started.

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Todd McCall


I help practices who are marketing professional services get the attention they deserve by developing an online presence that converts visitors into clients.

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