Module 12: Expand for Multiple Income Streams

One of the great things about signature systems is that you can start with an initial version and then build your business out from there. Possibilities are endless and each one will bring an opportunity to increase your income and enhance your reputation.

In this module, you’ll find ways to bring in more revenue and grow your business by expanding on your signature system.

Create Multiple Income Streams

It’s common practice to have a core signature system program and then build around it.

There are some clear advantages to this:

  • By repurposing your work, you save yourself time creating new offers
  • You leverage your success and the ways you’re already helping customers
  • You make your system accessible to more people because you offer it at different price points
  • You help more people achieve success in the way they want to as they have access to different levels of your program
  • You build your brand as you become known for your successful signature system that gets results.
  • How can you use what you have to create more business?

Outline A Marketing Funnel Based on Your Signature System

A marketing funnel is a way to bring people into the start of your funnel and offer different levels of a product.

You have chosen an initial delivery method for your signature system and packaged up your system into a program. To leverage this and bring in more income, consider offering other delivery methods as well.  These methods can form a complete marketing funnel for the signature system portion of your business.

Remember: Your signature system remains your system. It’s just the delivery method that changes.

Your Funnel

  • You may choose to bring people into your funnel at the entry-level  with a free eBook that sets out your step-by-step system, but doesn’t give help to implement it
  • The second level of your funnel could be a short video series which talks people through the system with examples of how it can be used
  • The third level could be offering an online course with one step per module which goes into more depth and helps someone implement the steps
  • The fourth level could be one-on-one sessions where you take someone through the steps and their implementation in the person’s own business
  • The fifth level, the highest-priced one, could be you implementing the steps for the customer yourself.

More Ways To Fill Out Your Funnel

By offering different ways for customers to access your system, you can build a new business or enhance an existing one, which is how a signature system can be the cornerstone of a business.

Your initial signature program will sit in the middle of your marketing funnel and you can add to it when you feel able. You may want to wait to see how the signature program sells first, or wait for feedback from clients and customers before you expand it further.

When you are ready, you can easily fill out other parts of your funnel by including:

  • An entry-level offer to bring people in to the funnel. This may be a low cost or no cost item like an eBook or a checklist.
  • A high-end, in-depth one-on-one program that sits at the end of your funnel. This will be your Rolls Royce version and represents the most money someone can spend with you. You may not think there’s a market for it but if your system is a good one (and it is), then there will be buyers out there looking for the premium version.

Identify Other Ways to Grow Your Income

You don’t just need to develop different levels of your signature program. You can also take part of your system and expand on it to offer as a stand-alone product.

When you designed your system, you may have felt constrained by having to limit the system to a certain number of steps. Perhaps there was much more you could have offered from your experience using this system successfully in your business and life.

Look at the steps of your system. Is there one step you can develop further to stand alone as an offer? Or combine two of your steps to make an offer? Or even offer a mini-system to achieve a specific outcome which sits within the signature system?

Look at ways to add value to your system by bundling it with other related offers. You can try offering upsells and cross sells to related products at the point of sale.

These are all ways to increase your income based on a single signature system.

Key Takeaways

  • Consider offering additional delivery methods to leverage the system and bring in more income.
  • Remember: Your signature system remains your system; it’s the packaging and delivery method that change.

Action Steps

  1. Quick Win: Brainstorm ways you can create more business from your core program.
  2. Map out a marketing funnel based on your signature program starting with entry-level (low or no cost) to high end.
  3. Look at related things you could create or offer in the future to add income.

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