Module 9: Help Your Customers Implement Your System

People love signature systems because they are led by the hand through a proven process that’s easy to follow and remember. They know you had success with it and therefore so will they. They feel confident that they will get the solution to their problems but need a bit more help to get there.

In this module you’ll choose and design the support materials that back up your system and provide guidance and assistance to your customers.

Make it Easy with Support Materials

Giving your customers support materials is part of what makes it easy for them to implement your system and is an important part of your program.

This is for a number of reasons:

Coaching system support materials

  • They can check their progress
  • They have a way to record their actions
  • They’ll remember better because writing things down reinforces memory
  • They have the satisfaction that comes from filling in a form or completing an activity
  • They feel more engaged when they are expected to take action.

You will have materials to support your system and also materials specific to your delivery method.

Identify the Materials for Your System

When you’re designing your supporting materials, you need to ask yourself what your clients need to be able to complete the steps in your system.

It’s likely that you’ll need at least one resource for each step. Where possible, your materials should be adaptable to any delivery method, so you design them once and use them in multiple situations.

Design a set of templates to help your potential customers carry out their action steps.

These could include:

  • Checklist – a list of everything they need to cover
  • Cheat Sheet – a quick summary of content
  • Questionnaire – a self-assessment tool or survey for customers
  • Worksheet/Activity Sheet – where you set an exercise for them to complete
  • Trackers – use Excel to create documents to track progress over time
  • Workbook – a combination of all the materials including content and exercises
  • Handout – to provide background information on a topic
  • Journal – to record their progress and learning
  • Calendar – to forward plan necessary activities
  • Mind Map or Flow Chart – to show the right order for a process
  • Fill-in-the-Blanks Formula – to help progress
  • Quizzes – to check understanding

You’ll probably be familiar with many of these from courses you’ve attended and programs you’ve taken.

Identify Materials for Your Program Delivery Method

Make sure you also think about the materials you need to create for your own use for your chosen delivery method.

Coaching delivery methods

For example, if your main offer will be an online course, you’ll need to prepare slides and speaking notes for yourself. These work in conjunction with the support materials you create to help people implement your system.

As another example, if your core delivery method is group coaching, you’ll need to prepare your own notes and agenda for the group coaching sessions you plan to run.

Key Takeaways

  • Giving customers support materials is part of what makes it easy for them to implement your system.
  • Where possible, your materials should be adaptable to any delivery method so you can reuse them.

Action Steps

  1. Quick Win: List the support materials you need for each step of your system. You won’t need them all but choose at least one resource for each step.
  2. Design the resources you have chosen for each step.
  3. List any additional materials you need to design for your own use for the delivery method you designed in Module 7.

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