Module 2: How Signature Systems Fuel Your Business

In this course you’re going to be designing and refining your signature system and turning it into a valuable program. But before you do that, let’s start by getting clear on what a signature system is and how having one will bring major benefits to your business.

What Is A Signature System?

The signature system is your unique solution to your customers’ biggest needs, laid out in a clear, easy-to-understand formula. It carries many elements of proven processes that you have devised for your own situation. By sharing this with others, you help them to resolve their own problems.

Most branded signature systems aren’t totally unique, but you’ll add your own twist to it based on your personal experience of solving a particular challenge. It will be easier for your target customers to understand and implement your system because you’ve shared your personal journey with them.

Multimillionaire entrepreneurs have gone before you and developed signature programs that catapulted their brand and their business to success.

Now It’s Your Turn..

Having a signature system is a quick and effective way to get to 6 or 7 figures in your business.

You can devise a system for almost any activity with several moving parts that a client needs help with.

Here Are Some Examples:

  • Building a list of 10,000 leads in a month
  • Finding a health and fitness routine that fits into 30 minutes per day
  • Decluttering your office in a day and keeping that way
  • Clearing your mind of distractions and achieving greater   productivity
  • Writing and publishing a book every month for the next year
  • Using Instagram to bring in new customers to your retail store

Don’t Limit Yourself

You don’t have to restrict yourself to just one signature system. You can have more than one on offer at a time, but start out with the primary one you want to be known for. This will build your brand and your reputation in the market. You can become the ‘go-to’ person for this particular system.

You may want to use different levels of pricing and methods of sharing your system, but the biggest benefits come from having one mid to high-priced program as your core offer and then adding on to this later.  Pricing depends on many factors and we’ll go into this in detail in a future module. But in general, as your personal involvement with customers increases, the price goes up. For example, an eBook where you lay out your system and then leave it up to the reader to implement on their own is the cheapest. A consulting service where you implement the service for clients would be the most expensive.

Who Uses Signature Systems?

Any professional who has achieved success in their chosen field and who wants to pass on their methods to others can develop and package a signature system.

Signature systems aren’t just for service-based businesses, but you’ll see them most often from successful entrepreneurs, trainers, coaches, consultants, and others in the service sector.

Benefits of Having a Signature System

There are two main beneficiaries of your signature system: your customers and yourself.

For your clients and customers, a signature system:

Coaching System Benefits


For Example:

If you’ve built up a successful travel blog that earns consistent income, you could lay out your system for building a profitable blog. Then package that into a program that you sell to people who want to create their own travel blogs. Your new program, which teaches your travel blog system, can become the centerpiece of a whole new business that serves a different market from your current blog readers. You may even decide to stop your travel blog and focus entirely on your new business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having a signature system is a quick and effective way to get to 6 or 7 figures in your business
  • Your signature system can be part of your existing business or can take you in a new business direction
  • You can have different levels of pricing and methods of sharing your system, but the biggest benefits come from having one mid to high-price program as your core offer

Action Steps

  1. Quick Win: Where is your business growth coming from currently?
  2. Write down 3 specific benefits for your business that you’ll get from having a signature system.

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