Module 3: Listening Skills Tune Up

The most insightful and probing questions in the world won’t do you much good if don’t know how to hear the answers.

Getting Started: Action Steps for Listening Skills Tuneup

    1. Offer a good friend, coworker or family member the opportunity to share something an important part of their life story that made them who they are today. Use active listening to hear their story and create an opportunity for them really feel seen and heard.

Chapter 1: Listening Techniques Tuneup

While most training programs for coaches place a lot of emphasis on knowing how and when to ask the right probing questions, a solid set of listening skills is an equally important element of coaching.


Chapter 2: Using Intuition, Curiosity and Flow in Coaching

When you are working with your first set of clients as a business or life coach, you may find that your enthusiasm for the putting the various coaching techniques and tools you have learned to work can be dampen the sense of spontaneity that makes coaching so effective. In addition to applying the basic coaching fundamentals, remember to use your own natural intuition and curiosity to instill a sense of flow during your coaching sessions.

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Chapter 3: 2 Easy Coaching Tips for Active Listening

When it comes to life coach marketing, one of the most important traits that a life or business coach can offer his or her client is the ability to be an effective and active listener when a client is answering openly to a coach’s probing questions. 

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Chapter 4: Masterful Life & Business Coaches Never Call the Plays

One of the biggest misconceptions that new clients have about the professional coaching process is that their coach is going to give them advice or tell them what to do. Learn why that’s not the case.

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Chapter 5: Coaching Analytical vs Bottom Line Clients

One of the most common mistakes that new coaches make when they begin working with wildly differing personality types is to assume that the basic coaching model is a one size fits all package. It’s not..

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Chapter 6: 6 Common Mistakes New Coaches Make

Although you will inevitably find that becoming a coaching master takes time, you can save yourself from the most common coaching pitfalls by avoiding the following coaching mistakes..

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