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Knowing how and when to ask the right types of probing questions is at the heart of all of the major approaches to professional coaching. Asking interesting, challenging and inspiring questions brings out the best in everyone, including coaches and clients.


Getting Started: Action Steps for Coaching Questions Supercharged

    1. Conduct a session with a friend using probing questions from a list to get to the heart of a problem or challenge that they are facing.
    2. Now that you’ve gotten to the heart of it, use the GROW model to help them find a basic plan. Focus on only asking questions for this exercise and let them determine roadmap.

Chapter 1: Coaching Questions Supercharged

As a coach, thinking about what types of questions to ask next provides a natural guide to the coaching process while keeping your clients in the driving seat of their own professional and personal growth.

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Chapter 2: Probing Questions Clarify Cloudy Thinking

Probing questions are the most powerful tools in a business coach’s toolkit. Find out how these questions can be used to clarify your client’s thinking about challenging issues.

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Chapter 3: 3 Probing Coaching Questions for Gauging a Client’s Commitment to a Goal

Before you run wrap things up, it is a good idea to ask a few probing questions to check that your clients are really as energized about their way forward as you think they are.

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Chapter 4: 8 Great Coaching Questions for the GROW Model

Knowing the right questions to ask at the right time is what the GROW Model is all about. Here are eight great coaching questions that you can start putting to work at your coaching practice right away.

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