Module 5: Coaching Models & Instruments

Effective coaching models and instruments that lead to success.

Getting Started: Action Steps for Coaching Models & Instruments

    1. Perform a SMART analysis of your goals as a coach for next 3 months
    2. Fill out a Wheel of Life activity sheet for yourself and with a friend

Chapter 1 : The SMART Approach to Coaching

SMART is a mnemonic devise that many professional life and business coaches use in order to help clients clarify their goals, obstacles, options and the way forward.

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Chapter 2: Incorporating the Wheel of Life into Your Coaching Practice

The Wheel of Life, or life wheel, is a popular coaching tool that features heavily in the book Co-Active Coaching by Laura Whitworth, Henry Kimsey-House and Phil Sandahl that professional coaches have been using for years to help clients look at the big picture in the coaching process.

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Chapter 3: What You Need to Know about Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-linguistic programming is an alternative set of coaching theories and techniques that many life and business coaches use help clients change their behavior and reach their goals.

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Chapter 4: Code of Ethics

When you take on the role of a professional life or business coach, you are entrusted with great deal of trust on the part of your clients. This trust comes with the expectation that you will use your role as a coach in an ethical and responsible manner. 

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Chapter 5: Confidentiality Supplement

As professional life or business coach, you have a responsibility toward your clients to ensure that the personal and professional information that they choose to share with you during their coaching sessions is handle appropriately.

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